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About Heartland Clinic

Heartland Clinic physicians and support staff are here to help you restore wellness in all areas of your life.  Practitioners from a variety of specialties, including gastroenterology, pain management, Otolaryngology (ENT), Urology, nutrition and more, are available and ready to help you achieve optimum health.  At Heartland Clinic, we understand the key to achieving wellness begins with finding the cause of your health problem and treating the cause, not just your symptoms.  Discovering the root of your problem, no matter what its origin, provides our physicians with the tools needed to help you gain control of your discomfort, find relief and get back to living life again.

Heartland Clinic provides patients with exceptional care in their state-of-the-art facility and at Quad City area hospitals. Because of the nature of our specialty, patients are often referred to our practice by a primary care physician who trusts our knowledge and expertise. At Heartland Clinic, we believe constant communication is the bedrock of our success. Thus, your referring physician will always receive updates of your progress and be kept abreast of any changes made to the treatment plan. Our coordinated approach strengthens the patient-physician relationship and provides the support you need to reach your personal wellness goals.

Our physicians are leaders in their fields.  They are involved in research, teaching and publishing.  See some of their recent articles.

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Heartland Clinic

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